Welcome to Basslink Consulting

" High availability, high reliability and rapid recovery are the touchstones of HVDC operations. Basslink Consulting takes our experience, demonstrated by the excellent performance of our own assets, and makes it available to utilities world-wide. "

We are a small, unique consultancy leveraging our own practical real-time operating and maintenance experience to help our clients achieve the same acknowledged world-class performance as our own assets. Click here to read more about our company.

Our team's wealth of experience comes from working within businesses, not just working on businesses. Although we are specialists in HVAC and HVDC systems, we also have vast experience within the Gas, Water and Telecoms sectors. Basslink’s parent company, CitySpring, owns Power, Gas, Water & Telecoms assets. Click here to visit the CitySpring website.

Basslink Consulting has supported clients across Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Africa. Click here to read more about our projects.

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